Eternal Bloggings

Thoughts on The Gospel of Jesus Christ

A Testimony


A testimony is a public recounting of something true. It is evidence or proof provided by a witness of something that is usually not public knowledge.

With that definition, I testify that:

  • Jesus Christ lives and is active in my own life and the lives of others. I experience His involvement in my life constantly and see it in the lives of others.
  • …gaining knowledge of His gospel is and has been delicious to my soul, and each new precept or doctrine that He reveals is cumulative. That is, each grain of truth adds to my bucket of understanding, faith, trust, peace and joy in Him.
  • …the Holy Ghost continually expands the most basic and simple truths of the Gospel before me. He constantly reveals deeper understanding in their heights, widths and depths.
  • …this world only makes sense when viewed through the light of His gospel.
  • …it has not been easy for me to follow Jesus Christ, but through all of the mistakes, sacrifices and difficulties, the moments spent with Him grow deeper, sweeter, more loving and more powerful.
  • …in my life, the love and blessings He has bestowed have been worth every sacrifice, effort and difficulty while seeking to become His disciple.
  • …He leads His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints through a prophet in the year 2015.
  • …He restored the knowledge of His ancient and original church through the prophet Joseph Smith, along with His Priesthood and the saving ordinances of His Temple.
  • …I have read the Book of Mormon, and that it is what it purports to be, another testament of Jesus Christ and the history and covenants of His people in ancient America, and that it contains the fulness of His gospel, and all of the knowledge necessary to obtain the brass ring, which is a seat in the Celestial kingdom of God.
  • …He has called someone broken like me to serve in His church, not because I am qualified but because He loves broken things, and desires to make them whole and more than they were before.
  • …He is not forceful and always honors our agency and that He stands at the door, pleading to bless us if we will only ask and follow.
  • …we can walk away from Him, again and again, but He never turns away from us.
  • …when we make a mistake He is quick to forgive and welcome us back to the righteous path.
  • …Jesus Christ is my King, my Master, my Mentor and my Friend and that I will follow Him throughout eternity.